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Learn the words and phrases you need for any language topic you choose. Get your personalized learning path with vocabulary words, key phrases, grammar explanations, and flashcards created for you and ready to study in minutes.

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Let our AI create a learning path for you in minutes

Choose your own language learning topic and our AI will give you all the relevant vocabulary words and key phrases you need to know for that topic.

Every word and phrase includes an audio pronounciaton example, an illustrative image, and a grammar explanation.

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Learn only the relevant vocabulary you need

Instead of following a pre-made course with words you may or may not need, study only the vocabulary relevant to the language learning topic you want to learn.


Learn vocabulary words & phrases in-depth

Study each word and phrase in your path individually so you can understand and master them all.

Hear how each word is pronounced, see it in an example sentence, and read an in-depth explanation so you can fully grasp its meaning.

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Put it together with key phrases

Start speaking your target language faster by learning key phrases that will help you become conversational in no time.

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Get an entire set of flashcards with each learning path

For each learning path you create our AI will create an entire set of flashcards including every word and phrase in your path.

Every flashcard includes an image, voice pronounciation example, and multiple study modes.


Cultural notes for full understanding

You can't learn a country's language without learning about its culture.

Because of this, your learning path will also include Cultural Notes: short notes that explain certain important cultural concepts you need to understand for your chosen language topic.

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Use the most advanced Romanized spellings for a head start

Learning a new language is extra challenging when you have to learn a brand new alphabet.

For languages with non-latin alphabets, you'll get the most phonetically-friendly romanized spelling of every word included in your learning path so you can learn your target language without learning it's alphabet.


Available in all languages

Audio creation is available for 22 languages (and counting), while text content creation is available in all languages.

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