Learn Thai with personalized language learning
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Learn the Thai words and phrases you need for any topic you choose. Get vocabulary words, key phrases, grammar explanations, and flashcards created for you in minutes.

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Let our AI create your personal path to Thai fluency in minutes

Choose your own Thai language learning topic and our AI will create your personalized learning path with all the relevant vocabulary words and key phrases you need to know for that topic.

Every lesson is enriched with audio pronounciaton examples, illustrative images, and grammar explanations.

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Learn only the relevant Thai vocabulary you need

Instead of following a pre-made course with words you may not need, learn the most effective vocabulary list for your specific goals in Thailand, whether for family, travel, business, or cultural experiences.


Immerse yourself in the Thai language

Deepen your knowledge with learning paths that cover every aspect of the language. From common phrases to tricky sentences, learn to communicate effectively in Thai.

Hear how each word is pronounced by a native speaker, see it in an example sentence, and read an in-depth explanation so you can fully grasp its meaning.

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Learn key phrases you can use with native Thai speakers

Start speaking Thai faster by learning key phrases that will help you become conversational in no time.

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Study Thai flashcards to memorize vocabulary faster

For each learning path you create our AI will create an entire set of flashcards including every word and phrase in your path.

Every flashcard includes an image, voice pronounciation example, and multiple study modes. And you'll get email reminders when you need to study.


Gain insights into Thai culture

You can't learn a country's language without learning about its culture.

Our cultural notes provide you with the essential background to navigate social and business interactions in Thailand effectively.

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Use the easiest Romanized spellings for a head start

Learning Thai can be extra challenging because you have to learn a brand new alphabet.

That's why we provide you with the most phonetically-friendly romanized spelling of every word included in your learning path so you can learn to speak Thai even before learning the Thai alphabet.


Choose any language topic you want to learn about

The beauty of our AI-powered platform is you can choose any scenario you want to speak Thai in, and you'll get a fully personalized learning path for that exact situation. Whether it's meeting family members, ordering at a restaurant, or making small talk at 7-11.

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