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Learn to speak your target language with confidence in the situations you need by following a simple step-by-step path in one of our online language courses.

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Learning a language
should be easy...

But most people get lost in the process and never end up speaking
at the level they need.

Too many tools and too much content

There are so many tools and so much information you can use to learn languages online that you can easily feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

Not enough progress from lessons

Many courses only focus on presenting you with information. They don't actually provide you the tools to process and learn the information so you can actually use it.

Lack of practice opportunities

Most language learners don't get enough practice using what they learn so they never feel confident enough to speak their target language in real-life situations.

It doesn't have to be complicated...

Language learning made easy

You only actually need to do 3 simple things to speak another language effectively.

1. Learn new words.
The most important step in learning any new language is learning new vocabulary. The more words you know the more you can communicate what you want and need.
2. Pronounce them correctly.
You can memorize the entire dictionary, but it won't mean anything if people can't understand you when you speak. Learning proper pronunciation from the beginning will help you have better conversations faster.
3. Put them in the correct order.
You have to know the correct order to put the words so you can make sentences that people will easily understand.
online language learning made simple

There's a better way...

Follow a simple step-by-step path to speaking your target language

After following all of the steps in your course you will be able to speak the language you want in the situations you need with confidence.

Video lessons.
Easy to follow video lessons that teach you the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar that you need.
Online exercises.
After you watch your video lesson, you will complete two online exercises to apply what you've learned so you can fully process the information and understand the concepts.
Digital flashcards.
Study our pre-made digital flashcards packs with neural replay technology to memorize the words you need to know for each lesson quickly.
Interactive quizzes.
At the end of every lesson you will take an interactive quiz to make sure that you've mastered the material before moving on. Quizzes are packed with neuroscience based features to help you make progress faster.
online language school for simple language learning

I'm Lucas Weaver, and I'm here to help you on your language learning journey

As a long-time language learner and English teacher for over 8 years, I fully understand the struggles of language learners.

Over the past 8 years I've studied Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Thai. While learning all of these languages, I always had to search all over the internet and make my own combination of the best tools and information available to help me learn what I actually needed to know.

That's why I created the Weaver School : an online language school offering simple and easy to follow online language courses that have helped over 300 people just like you speak the language they need with confidence.

lucas weaver founder of online language school the weaver school
What our students say...
  • "These IELTS lessons were very useful for me. The lessons were instructive and pleasant to follow. I would really recommend this course. And of course, I passed my exam!"
    - Roos
  • "Well, I liked very much your teaching method and your explanation. I would like to continue learning from you."
    - Ana Maria
  • "This course is a must-take if you want to really experience Thailand. So happy I did it!"
    - Robert
  • "It's good. The homework and quizzes really helped me to learn tenses. I feel much more comfortable speaking now."
    - Chan-Ho
  • "Sometimes the online exercises were a bit difficult, but it really helped me improve I think overall. Thank you."
    - Lilibet
  • "Lucas is a really nice teacher because he makes jokes a lot. Also he know so much of his native language and is really good because you can ask him so much and he always knows the answer. I am really positive about my course."
    - Maxime
  • "I think you are a great teacher who explains everything with humor/jokes, and gives everyone space... So thank you very much!"
    - Elseline
  • "I value your cheerfulness in class and the attention you give. You are patient and show no irritation whatsoever. The online exercises very good (although not always easy)."
    - Nous
  • "My teacher always took time to explain everything very well. Also when I asked for 10 times to explain the tenses. It was good to do a lot of talking during the course. Now I feel more comfortable about my speaking skills."
    - Rianne
  • "It's a good course. Solid value for the money. I'm glad I took it because I feel much more prepared for the IELTS now."
    - Marta
  • "Very nice course from my view. Lucas explains the tenses in such an easy way."
    - Allard
  • "In general you are very good teacher. Focus on speaking and listening in class was good for level C1."
    - Douglas
  • "Thank you so much for your help Lucas! Next stop, New Zealand :)"
    - Pieter
  • "Lucas, for me you have the right personality to be a teacher. You’re friendly and a kind person, patient too. You were correcting with me in a right and pleasant way. For me you were the best teacher, no doubt! "
    - Mieke
  • "Very very good."
    - Abboud
  • "It was a very good course! I learned a lot!"
    - Orhan
  • "Really upgraded my English. I learned many things which include phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, and learning adverbs was helpful. Thanks!"
    - Seba
  • "I am happy with the contents of the lessons. The teacher knows IELTS and the course is made for getting the required results. Thanks for your help."
    - Alex
  • "Well you are in my opinion a great teacher! I still have some problems with grammar, but I hope to be able to fix these with more practice."
    - Jurandy
  • "I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Explanations were always very clear."
    - Eveline
  • "I had a really good time in your class.I learned a lot of speaking. I wish i had learned a bit more about writing because that's what I wanted to learn. Thanks for the good lessons!"
    - Fleur
  • "I learned many things in this course. The most interesting thing I found was that I am more and more learning english automatically. This is very cool and I mostly find as a compliment to my teacher. Most of the topics that we learned in the class were really interesting and actually fun. I will definitely continue with my english classes. I am super motivated!"
    - Rute
  • "The course was really helpful. It was not boring at all and I learned a lot over the last 12 weeks. I also wanted to improve my speaking and it helped a lot that we did a lot of speaking exercises."
    - Chamilla
  • "In this course you get valuable information."
    - Marjorie
  • "Well Lucas, I believe you are a good teacher. You have a lot of knowledge about many different topics, which is really amazing! Thank you for the course :)"
    - Cora
  • "Don't know what I would have done without you Lucas! You made the IELTS writing easy and fun for me. Bedankt voor alles!!"
    - Lisette
  • "The course was very instructive for me. The explanation about grammar was good and clear. There was enough variation between listening, writing, reading and speaking exercises. Actually I don't have any negative points to mention. Overall it was a good learning experience for me. Well done!"
    - Anton
  • "It was such a good way to prepare for IELTS. I always would rather to do things like this than getting the knowledge only through books or sheets. Thanks!"
    - Haya
  • "I think the class was very interesting and helpful. Explanations were very clear. Maybe a little bit more exercise in writing."
    - Salina
  • "Really nice, thanks."
    - Andrè
  • "I think you are a great teacher. Your explanations are VERY clear!"
    - Nora
  • "Good classes, a mix of writing, speaking."
    - Haran
  • "I've learned so much during these English lessons in regards to tenses, listening and speaking. The lessons were also very entertaining as you have a lot of knowledge about different things. Thanks for everything!"
    - Mirjam
  • "By my experience, the way of teaching was perfect. I was satisfied by the class :)"
    - Gelareh
  • "Good course. Already started using it with my Thai friends ;)"
    - Christiana
  • "Great course. I improved my English. Especially my tenses and speaking going a lot better now. I feel a lot more confident and you made me feel confortable during the lessons. I speak much more fluently now."
    - Rick
  • "This course is way more clear than my previous Thai class. Also her English is way better. The structure of the course is pretty good, and the words are way more useful as well."
    - Minlu
  • "I'm happy to have had you as a teacher. You take your job seriously and you're relaxed at the same time. The funny facts (between the lines) are positive distractions. So, keep on rocking. P.s. thanks voor giving me self-confidence to speak in English."
    - Peter
  • "This course was very helpful for me. I learned a lot of new things. It wasn't boring. Maybe even call it fun! ;)"
    - Marta
  • "The course was just the way I had expected it to be. He paid attention and corrected our mistakes. He explained what we did wrong so that we could learn from our mistakes. I really recommend!"
    - Sander
  • "The course was useful for me and well thought. There was a lot about tenses and I felt more confident with them after. After the speaking practice in class and with grammar practice, I think I can surely express myself better with more fluency."
    - Valentina
  • "I am really glad to have taken this course cause I learned lot of things that I have never learned before, now my writing skills are better than when I got into this course. And I think this is because of the way you teach and all the tips and keys to be more efficient on IELTS."
    - Diana Carolina
  • "In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I would progress. But then I started to see big improvement! I'm excited to continue courses at the B2 level."
    - Patty
  • "Well I like the way of teaching. It is clear, understandable. My vocabulary have improved as well as my speaking."
    - Hoying

Leave your language learning struggles behind

Don't get stuck not making progress

Without a clear learning path, you won't make real progress. You'll feel frustrated and stuck, and then end up giving up on your language learning.

Our courses help you...

Stick with your lessons
Don't get stuck and give up. By following a step-by-step learning path, you can make sure to stick with and complete your course.
Make real progress
With courses based on the science of adult language learning, we've set up everything so that you'll actually learn the information and content from each lesson.
Learn at your own pace
The beauty of online video lessons is that you can always pause, rewind, or re-watch anything that you miss or don't understand.
Feel confident to actually speak
At the end of each lesson you'll feel confident enough to actually use what you've learned in your daily life.

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