AI-powered language learning tools to help you reach fluency

Reach fluency in your target language faster using powerful AI-enhanced language learning tools.

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No matter which method you choose to learn your target language, we've got AI-powered tools to help you reach fluency faster.

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Language learning on steroids

Speed up your progress to fluency with tools that help you learn your target language faster.

Memorize vocabulary.
The most important step in learning any new language is learning new vocabulary. Our online flashcards tool helps you memorize vocabulary words faster using neuroscience based technology.
Pronounce words correctly.
Your flashcards will include human-sounding pronunciation examples that will help you sound like a native speaker.
Study consistently.
Get spaced repetition reminders that tell you when to study so you don't forget your new words.
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Use the power of AI to save time and learn more

AI-enhanced tools can save you hours you would normally spend creating flashcards, organizing notes, looking up translations, and searching for word explanations.

Upload your lesson PDF.
Taking a language course with PDF textbook? Easily upload a chapter of your textbook to let our AI automatically create flashcards for all of the vocabulary words you need to learn.
Learn from a topic.
Simply choose a topic you want to learn vocabulary about and our AI will create flashcards to help you learn the words you need around that topic.
Learn from real-life situations.
Turn real-life situations into learning moments with our "Quick Notes" tool. Just type in the situation you encounter and let our AI create a teaching explanation and flashcards to help you learn it.
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I'm Lucas Weaver, and I'm here to help you on your language learning journey

As a long-time language learner and English teacher for over 8 years, I fully understand the struggles of language learners.

Over the past 8 years I've studied Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Thai. While studying all of these languages, I always had to search all over the internet and make my own combination of the best tools and information available to help me learn what I actually needed to know.

That's why I created the Weaver School : a collection of AI-powered online language learning tools to help you speak the language you need with confidence.

lucas weaver founder of the weaver school

Simple pricing, $9 per month.

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$9/mo and you'll get worry-free access to all features for the next 12 months no matter how many new features I release.


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