All the Thai you need to know to travel in Thailand
All the Thai you need to know to travel in Thailand

Make your time in Thailand the experience of a lifetime by learning all the basic Thai words and phrases you need to speak Thai with locals every day in Thailand.

After finishing this course, you'll be able to:

  • order the best street food just how you like it
  • introduce yourself and make friends with Thai people
  • ask for recommendations, directions, and better prices

all in Thai!

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Become the traveler you've always wanted to be instead of just another tourist
What will you gain by speaking some basic Thai when traveling in Thailand?
Access to more amazing local Thai food

Master the names of local dishes in Thai to enjoy mouthwatering street food and customize your orders like a local, so you don't have to stick to only typical tourist dishes like pad thai.

Discover hidden restaurants and bars only known by locals

Speak a few easy Thai phrases and friendly locals will recommend hidden gems for unforgettable experiences most tourists never learn about, from hole in the wall Michelin restaurants to vibrant live-music speakeasy bars.

Never get lost again

Learn how to ask for simple directions in Thai when you're in a jam. Stay on track and keep calm wherever you are even when technology fails you.

Be a respectful traveler and connect with locals

Embrace Thai culture, avoid accidentally offending people, and build meaningful connections with smiling Thai locals that will stay in your memories for life.

Bargain like a pro and avoid tourist prices

Negotiate in Thai and save big at markets, escaping tourist prices and scoring unique deals you can brag to all your friends about once you get back home.

Don't get stuck in difficult situations

Learn basic Thai to communicate with taxi drivers, police officers, and transport workers, making sure you can navigate effortlessly to reach all of your bucket-list destinations safely and on time.

What you'll learn...
Thai Basics
Learn the basics about the Thai language you'll need to know.
Introducing yourself & asking for directions
Learn how to introduce yourself to people, and to ask for simple directions.
Food, drinks, and restaurants
Learn the names of the food and drinks unique to Thailand, as well as the vocabulary and phrases you need in restaurants in Thailand.
Ordering food & drinks, basic numbers
Learn how to order food and drinks in restaurants and on the street. Learn basic numbers to be able to order what you need.
Bigger numbers, prices, and negotiating discounts
Learn how to understand prices, find out how much something costs, and negotiate discounts in Thailand.
And much more...
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100% money-back guarantee

Get 100% of your money back if you're not happy with your course.

Created by...
Lucas Weaver
Tree Thaleikis

Tree and I created this course to help you learn the parts of the Thai language you will actually need and use on a daily basis when you are in Thailand.

We're both travel addicts with passion for languages, so we put a lot of effort into making sure that we cover all of the situations that come up when you're traveling in a foreign country.

The result is a course that will transform you into a confident traveler who can communicate with Thai people in a way that will make you feel connected to them on a deeper level.

Instead of just cold, surface-level interactions using Google translate, pointing at pictures, and holding up fingers, you'll see locals' warm faces light up when you say the name of your favorite food dish in Thai with good pronunciation they can actually understand.

You'll hear Thai people say "Oh you speak Thai very good!", then ask everything about you...

"Where you from? What's your name? How old are you?" and you'll be able to answer them all in Thai.

Those smiles on their faces will only grow.

Course Highlights
Everything you'll get with your course:
Experienced native teacher
Learn from an experienced native-Thai teacher who is passionate about the Thai language.
Video lessons
5 pre-recorded video lessons so you can learn at your own pace.
Guided practice worksheets
Each lesson comes with a "guided practice" worksheet that walks you through how to use the new vocabulary and grammar concepts on your own.
Free practice worksheets
Each lesson also comes with a "free practice" worksheet to help you practice all the new information you learn.
Online quizzes
Each lesson includes an online quiz with our built in "intermittent reward" system to help boost your learning speed and efficiency.
Flashcard packs
Our built in flashcards feature allows you to memorize and learn the new vocabulary words in each lesson. Also features "neural recall" functionality to help speed up vocabulary learning.
Full lesson PDFs
Get a PDF of the powerpoint from each lesson
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100% money-back guarantee

Get 100% of your money back if you're not happy with your course.

The reason it's so hard to find a language course crafted perfectly for travelers...

Most courses out there aren't made for travelers by travelers.

But I've actually been in your shoes. I started traveling Asia over a year ago, and I've experienced all of the situations you'll encounter when you're traveling in an Asian country.

I've spent over 4 months here in Thailand learning Thai, and Tree and I made this course together, here in Bangkok, with the goal of creating the most helpful and useful Thai travel course you can possibly find.

Only the Thai you actually need and will actually use

The goal is for you to speak Thai while doing all of the most common things you will do every day during your time in Thailand.

This enables you to maximize your time speaking Thai with locals while learning the least amount of Thai possible.

You can still speak English in the one-off situations that are unique and need really clear communication. (It will probably be easier for everyone involved anyway).

But this course gives you the ability to speak Thai in the situations where it's the most fun and rewarding.

Fun, rewarding, and
totally worth it

Picture yourself ordering street food, asking for a beer, introducing yourself to someone new at a bar, or asking a cab driver if he can take you to your hotel.

Now picture yourself doing all of that in Thai.

Imagine the smile on your face and that little dopamine hit you'll feel while you're riding in the cab still in disbelief that you just spoke Thai to a local and they actually understood you.

Those are the memories you will have for the rest of your life after your trip to Thailand when you take this course.

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100% money-back guarantee

Get 100% of your money back if you're not happy with your course.

Your Thailand trip of a lifetime is only a click away

Just 5 video lessons and a few hours of homework will allow you to speak enough Thai with locals in Thailand to completely change your trip into one that you'll never forget.

Let me now just quickly tell you some of the features that I've built personally to make sure that you actually learn from your course and stick to it.

I've designed the course in a way that guides you through the learning process to make sure you actually learn the information and remember it when you need it in real life.

The simple step by step learning path of the course makes sure you will eventually be speaking Thai every day during your time in Thailand.

Easy to follow video lessons that teach you Thai at your own pace

Tree is a certified and experienced Thai teacher with incredible English skills. This means that you can follow her lessons easily and understand everything she's saying and trying to teach you.

You won't just hear the information,
you'll actually process it

Your practice exercises after each lesson allow your brain to encode and process the information you just learned making sure that all of the words and phrases you learn come to you right when you need them during your trip.

Instant feedback helps you improve quickly

Instead of waiting for a teacher or grading your exercises yourself, you'll get the correct answers to your exercises immediately so you can see what still needs improving.

Ready-made flashcards to help you memorize words fast

Study complete flashcard packs for every lesson to make sure you remember the words from the lesson when you need them.

Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes

Test your knowledge at the end of every lesson with interactive quizzes that help drive home all of the information you've learned from the lesson.

A simple step-by-step learning path

Make progress in every single lesson by simply following your course step-by-step until you're able to speak all the Thai you need to make your time in Thailand an experience you'll never forget.

Start your course now and unlock your Thailand trip of a lifetime
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