Advanced Business English

Advanced Business English

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5 out of 5 stars

Learn to speak and write English at a high level for business purposes. You will learn business-focused vocabulary and practice career-specific skills such as technical writing, job interviews, and giving presentations.




Includes 12 online, one-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons.



Includes 24 online, one-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons.



Includes 24 online, one-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons and monthly private coaching sessions.


  • 12 online one-hour speaking-focused live one-to-one lessons
  • 12 online pre-recorded grammar & vocabulary video lessons
  • 2 hours of homework per week
  • 1 weekly graded quiz with instant feedback
  • 1 graded test every 4 weeks with teacher feedback
  • New flashcards for all new vocabulary each week
  • Personalized lesson plan

Customer Reviews


5 out of 5 stars

"It was a very good course! I learned a lot!"


5 out of 5 stars

"Well Lucas, I believe you are a good teacher. You have a lot of knowledge about many different topics, which is really amazing! Thank you for the course :)"


5 out of 5 stars

"The course was just the way I had expected it to be. He paid attention and corrected our mistakes. He explained what we did wrong so that we could learn from our mistakes. I really recommend!"


Lesson One

Learn the Present Simple & Contiunuous tenses, as well as how to dicuss your job role, duties, and company processes.

Lesson Two

Learn the Past Simple & Continuous tenses, as well as how to talk about your education, past jobs, past companies, and past performance.

Lesson Three

Learn Modal Verbs and how to use them making & responding to requests, inquiring about & responding to customer inquiries, and your job duties.

Lesson Four

Learn the Present & Past Perfect tenses and how to use them to talk about your accomplishments, experience, results up to now, and giving background information.

Lesson Five

Learn the Conditional tenses, including Real & Unreal, and learn the English skills you need for negotiating, agreeing and disagreeing, and discussing potential and missed opportunities.

Lesson Six

Learn the Future Simple & Future Continuous tenses, and how to talk about professional goals & plans, as well as industry and market predictions.

Mid-Course Review

Review all of the concepts and terms you've learned up to this point.

Lesson Eight

Learn how to express like & dislike, agree & disagree, and how to use transitions in speaking.

Lesson Nine

Learn how to use transitions in business writing, as well as agreeing and disagreeing, discussing alternatives, writing emails, proposals, and reports.

Lesson Ten

Learn how to user proper English sentence structure & using commas correctly.

Lesson Eleven

Learn how to write effective business emails in English. Learn key vocabulary related to marketing, content, and media.

Final Course Review

Review all of the concepts and terms you've learned through the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Our online Advanced Business English course is designed for professionals and individuals who have a solid foundation in the English language and want to further enhance their language skills in a business context. This course is tailored to meet the needs of ambitious learners who are seeking to excel in international business environments and effectively communicate with confidence at work.

Business Professionals:
Whether you're an executive, manager, entrepreneur, or working professional, this course is ideal for anyone aiming to improve their English communication skills for career advancement. It is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the English language faced in the business world, such as delivering impactful presentations, negotiating contracts, conducting meetings, and writing professional emails.

International Students:
If you're an international student pursuing a business-related degree or planning to enter the global job market, our online advanced Business English course can provide you with a competitive edge. This course focuses on refining your language proficiency to effectively navigate business environments, interact with colleagues, and understand specialized business terminology.

Job Seekers:
If you're seeking new job opportunities or planning to transition into a business-related field, having advanced Business English skills is invaluable. This course will equip you with the language competence required to ace interviews, create compelling resumes and cover letters, and succeed in networking situations. By honing your communication abilities, you'll be better positioned to secure your desired job.

Professionals in Multinational Companies:
In today's interconnected world, many professionals work for multinational corporations or collaborate with international partners. Our advanced Business English course can empower you to thrive in such diverse settings by developing your intercultural communication skills, enabling you to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:
If you're a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to expand your market reach globally, effective communication is essential. This course will provide you with the linguistic tools to present your ideas persuasively, negotiate profitable deals, and build successful partnerships. By mastering advanced Business English, you can unlock new growth opportunities for your business.

Note: This course assumes a strong foundation in the English language and some basic level business concepts. If you're a beginner or intermediate learner, we recommend exploring our other courses specifically tailored to your proficiency level.